Healthy Schools Start
with Healthy Teachers.

Meal Plans created for Teachers by Teachers.

A community of teachers
working together to be healthier.

Plan Your Lessons, Not Your Meals

We provide teachers with healthy, plant-based meal plans.


Eating nutritious, home-cooked meals will change your body - for the better! We'll help you eat well all week, get healthier and stay healthier.


We eliminate the planning with our recipes and grocery lists. Most meals take under 30 minutes to make.


You'll get a variety of inexpensive meals - the average family / group meal costs less than $10.


What you eat makes a difference in how you feel. Incorporating more plant based meals into your diet will change your health for the better. Small changes can make a big difference.


Our 3 dinner recipes will help you add more healthy, whole foods to your diet while still leaving room for family favorites. Our 2 lunch recipes can be prepped in advance and enjoyed for lunch all week. Everyone needs a snack sometimes! Make yours on Sunday and nibble on when needed throughout the work week.


You'll receive a weekly meal plan by email every week. Our printable grocery lists make it easy to keep organized and get your shopping done quickly. Lists can be printed for all weekly recipes or individual recipes if needed.

Healthy Bodies = Healthy Minds

Challenge yourself. Inspire others.

lead by example

Studies show that students are healthier when they have teachers who are healthy role models. Remember- helping others begins with helping yourself.


Join an online community of teachers working together to be healthier. ​Support and encourage each other to set goals and achieve them.

Group MEAL Plans

Use our group meal plans to work with teachers in your own school. You can share meals and meal prep with coworkers to save time and eat healthier lunches all week.

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