Turn your Sad Desk Lunch into a Healthy Work Party.

Shareable Feast Makes Your Workday Better.

Helping you improve your Health & Community -
one lunch at a time.

Improve your Health. Build your Community. One lunch at a time.

Meal plans made to share.

Healthy Lunches = Healthy Bodies = Healthy Lives

Eating nutritious, home-cooked meals for lunch will change your body - for the better! We'll help you eat well all week, get healthier and stay healthier.

Work Less, Savor More

Prepare one meal a week for your group. Enjoy nutritious and delicious meals all week. We take care of the recipes and planning, saving you more time, so you can focus on what matters.

Transform Yourself, Transform Your Community

Build, strengthen, and help your community become healthier. You’re depending on your community and they’re depending on you. Share your lunch. Share the success.

Connect with Friends. Eat Healthy. Change Your Lives.

Shareable Feast helps you better yourself while building a community.

Shareable Feast wants to change the way you eat lunch. No more depressing sandwiches or fast food eaten alone!
Our meal plans are made to share - share the responsibility by cooking once a week and share the joy of eating meals cooked by co-workers the rest of the week.
By giving a little, you get a lot. You can make your lunchtime even sweeter by sharing your time as well as your lunch.
Gather round the table in the break room and gift yourself a moment to enjoy a good meal and good conversation.

Eat 5 healthy lunches all week.
Prepare only one of them.

How Shareable Feast Works




Choose Your Lunch Mates

Could you and your co-workers benefit from eating a healthier lunch but don’t have the time or energy to cook every day? Join together, share the cooking duties, and dine on delicious meals all week! A group of 5 is best, but even 2 people can join in.



Get started right away by signing up.

Then, share this with your chosen lunch buddies. We’ll send them all the information they’ll need to know to get started on the journey to better lunches, better health and a stronger community.



Every week, you and your group will receive a meal plan with five nutritious lunches. Each plan is divided into daily recipes and shopping lists, making it easy to add the ingredients to any grocery list.



Decide with your group which day of the week will be your “Cook/Prep Day.” On that day, follow the step by step directions to create a wholesome, healthy meal. Divide among containers and take along with you to work the next day. Enjoy your meal and the delight of your lunch mates!



After your “Cook/Prep Day” duties are done you can relax knowing that lunch will be provided for you for the rest of the week. Preparing meals for others feels good - enjoying the meals others made for you feels pretty good too :)

Share Your Lunch. Share the Success.

We all know that eating a varied, healthy diet and spending time with others is good for our health.
So why do so many of us spend day after day with our sad desk lunch? Lack of time and energy is often the culprit and our waistlines and mental health are paying the price.

By sharing lunch, you can share the success of making healthier choices.

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