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About Us

It started in a school cafeteria with a plate of chicken rings...

It was the first day of school at my new job as a 7th grade teacher. As prepared as I was in the classroom, I had forgotten to pack a lunch. I grabbed a tray from the cafeteria and ran back to my classroom to enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet. I stared dismally at mashed potatoes with gravy, canned green beans, and chicken rings. That's not a typo. Chicken rings.

Unfortunately, it was the first of many sad desk lunches. Over the course of the year, I thought about how many other teachers were going through the same motions - sitting at their desks, eating food that wasn’t that healthy and didn’t taste that great.

I thought it would be amazing to eat a variety of foods that were nutritious and delicious but also didn’t take that long to put together and were affordable.
That’s where the idea for Shareable Feast was born. It offers a way to get out of a rut - the rut of ignoring our health and eating food that is uninspiring and unhealthy.

We started Shareable Feast in hopes that teachers could use our meal plans to nourish their bodies with healthy, nutritious food and also be a healthy role model for all their students.

Let’s join together to make our lives healthier and happier!

Lindsay Parks

Chief Foodie

loves reading cookbooks, discovering healthy (and simple!) recipes, trying world cuisines and finding new ways to make veggies delicious

Nick Nichols

Chief Assistant Foodie

expert planner, organizer, systems operator, fellow traveler, taste tester and dishwasher

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