Improve your Health.
Build your Community.
One lunch at a time.

Shareable Feast Makes Your Workday Better.

Helping you improve your Health & Community -
one lunch at a time.

Give your body what it needs to feel energized, starting with the most overlooked meal of the day - Lunch!

Sharing the burden of meal prep with a selected group of co-workers is the best way
to eat a more varied, delicious, and healthy lunch all week.

We Know​​​​ ​​​​How It Is

You’re busy.
There’s no extra time to cook lunch.
You spend the week eating too many unhealthy, uninspiring lunches.
You want to eat better but don’t have the time or energy to do everything -
the planning, the shopping, the cooking, and the cleaning -
all by yourself.

Unfortunately, your sad desk lunch has lasting repercussions on your physical and mental health.
And the same is true for your co-workers. Most of us spend our lunch break eating crappy food and spending our time scrolling on our phones instead of building connections with the people around us.

Work together. Eat better. Feel better.

We encourage sharing meals & cooking duties to strengthen social connections and feel happier.
We provide weekly meal plans and grocery lists to each member of a group.
Each person cooks for the group one day a week and gets to enjoy home-cooked meals all week.

We’ll help you make healthier choices.

We help make it easier for you to eat healthy, nutritious meals and make better food choices.

We plan & provide:

  • Healthy recipes that offer variety
  • Uncomplicated, whole-food, plant-based recipes

We’ll save you time.

With Shareable Feast you only need to cook & prep for Lunch once a week.
Share cooking duties to reduce time spent in the kitchen.

We plan & provide:

  • The recipes and the shopping lists
  • The framework for you and your co-workers to share cooking responsibilities

We’ll help you connect with others and build community.

Every week, you and your group will receive a meal plan with five nutritious lunches.

We help you work together to improve your health by:

  • Making better food choices
  • Sharing cooking duties to reduce time spent in the kitchen

It started in a school cafeteria with a plate of chicken rings...

It was the first day of school at my new job as a 7th grade teacher. As prepared as I was in the classroom, I had forgotten to pack a lunch. I grabbed a tray from the cafeteria and ran back to my classroom to enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet. I stared dismally at mashed potatoes with gravy, canned green beans, and chicken rings. That's not a typo. Chicken rings.

Unfortunately, it was the first of many sad desk lunches. Over the course of the year, I thought about how many other teachers and office workers were going through the same motions - sitting alone at their desks, eating food that wasn’t that healthy and didn’t taste that great.

That’s where the idea for Shareable Feast was born. It offers a way to get out of a rut - the physical rut of ignoring our health and the mental rut of staring at screens on our lunch break rather than engaging in conversations with others. Why not work together, with people you already work with, to make lunch a time to improve both your physical and mental health?

When healthy meals are planned for you and cooking responsibilities are shared amongst a group, lunch can be a time to relax, connect with others and get re-energized so you can rock the rest of your day.

My husband and I started Shareable Feast in hopes that teachers and co-workers in all professions could use their lunchtime to nourish, not only their bodies with healthy nutritious food, but also their minds by connecting with the people they spend their days with.

Let’s join together to make our workplaces, and our lives, healthier and happier! 

Shareable Feast - Lindsay Parks

Chief Foodie

Lindsay Parks

loves reading cookbooks, discovering healthy (and simple!) recipes, trying world cuisines and finding new ways to make veggies delicious

Shareable Feast - Nick Nichols

Chief Assistant Foodie

Nick Nichols

expert planner, organizer, systems operator, fellow traveler, taste tester and dishwasher

Cooked, meals eaten outside of the home are almost uniformly less healthy than homemade foods, generally having higher fat, salt, and caloric content.

Michael Pollan

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