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Our mission is to make it easier for you to eat healthy, nutritious meals. We provide uncomplicated, whole-food recipes and the framework for you and your co-workers to share cooking responsibilities.

We value teamwork, responsibility, acceptance, the golden rule.

Our goal is for people to work together to improve their health by: making better food choices, sharing cooking duties to reduce time spent in the kitchen, encouraging others (inside and outside of the group) to eat a varied, healthy diet, spending time together, strengthening social ties

Here are the questions and objections we're asked most often.

What if I don’t have 5 people in my group?

No problem. The system will work for 2 but we recommend at least 3 for ease and the sake of building a community. We suggest 5 because it’s perfect number for most work weeks and spreads the work around so that everyone gets a healthy lunch every day of the week.

I’m not a good cook. I don’t want people to judge my cooking.

We chose recipes that are delicious, nutritious and also easy to cook- no experience required. You and your community of peers will judge the recipes, not your cooking skills. If you don’t like it, we’ll take the dish out of the rotation.

Will I need lots of fancy cooking equipment?

No, our recipes require basic cooking supplies- pots, pans, knives, measuring cups, and a blender or some type of food processor. We have a list here of some of the products we recommend for every well stocked kitchen.

What if I like the idea but I’m too busy at lunch or don’t want to eat with my group?

You don’t have to sit down and eat every meal with your group. Occasionally (or regularly) we need/want to eat alone. We believe the idea of feeding each other and sharing the same meal still fosters community even if we don’t share the same table at the same time.

Why are all of the meals vegetarian? Where’s the meat?

There are a number of arguments to eat primarily vegetarian meals. There are the health benefits, the environmental benefits, the cost & economic benefits, as well as trying to cater to different dietary needs and restrictions. However, setting all of those aside, we find that it’s simply easier to prepare, carry, and store vegetarian meals. The dishes are intended to be stored for a few hours at room temperature and eaten without the need for reheating or refrigeration.

What type of containers should I use?

Any small to medium sized glass or plastic containers will do. We have a list of our favorites here but you can use whichever type works best for you.

What if someone misses a meal because of an unexpected absence?

This is the trickiest part and it will happen because life happens. We suggest addressing this issue as soon as you form your group to avoid mishaps or hard feelings. We even have a handy form that you can use to help your group figure out all the details. Find it here.

Shareable Feast will

- Save you time.
- Help you make healthier choices.
- Help you connect with others and build community.


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