Eat 5 healthy lunches all week.
Prepare only 1 of them.

Shareable Feast Makes Your Workday Better.

Helping you improve your Health & Community -
one lunch at a time.

How Shareable Feast Works

We provide the meal plans. You and your lunch buddies each cook once per week.
Then, you share in the feast everyday without the extra time or stress.





Choose Your Lunch Mates

Could you and your co-workers benefit from eating a healthier lunch but don’t have the time or energy to cook every day? Join together, share the cooking duties, and dine on delicious meals all week! A group of 5 is best, but even 2 people can join in.



Get started right away by signing up.

Then, share this with your chosen lunch buddies. We’ll send them all the information they’ll need to know to get started on the journey to better lunches, better health and a stronger community.



Every week, you and your group will receive a meal plan with five nutritious lunches. Each plan is divided into daily recipes and shopping lists, making it easy to add the ingredients to any grocery list.



Decide with your group which day of the week will be your “Cook/Prep Day.” On that day, follow the step by step directions to create a wholesome, healthy meal. Divide among containers and take along with you to work the next day. Enjoy your meal and the delight of your lunch mates!



After your “Cook/Prep Day” duties are done you can relax knowing that lunch will be provided for you for the rest of the week. Preparing meals for others feels good - enjoying the meals others made for you feels pretty good too :)

Share Your Lunch. Share the Success.

Who is Shareable Feast for?

Shareable Feast is for people...

  • open to cooking and sharing food
    You don’t need to be a chef to join. Our recipes are chosen so that even those with basic cooking skills can easily follow along. Care and attention is expected - not perfection!
  • who enjoy variety and trying new things
    Eating the same thing everyday is uninspiring. Use your mealtime to experiment with flavors from around the world.
  • who want to connect with co-workers & others and build a community
    The benefits of socializing and creating relationships cannot be overstated. Challenging yourself to make the effort to reach out to others will bring great rewards both physical and mental.

May not be for people...

  • who are picky eaters
    If you need everything “on the side” this plan might not be for you. Since you’ll be cooking and sharing with others, modifying recipes for each individual’s tastes is too difficult
  • with food allergies or food sensitivities or special diets
    At this time we don’t offer meal plans accommodating special diets like gluten-free, paleo, or atkins, etc
  • who prefer to eat alone every day
    You can still get the benefits of sharing cooking duties, but you’ll miss the added bonus of connecting with your group. You're not expected to eat together each day, but you are encouraged to share your time as much as you feel comfortable with.

In these increasingly fraught times, when community cohesion is ever more important, making time for and joining in communal meals is perhaps the single most important thing we can do – both for our own health and wellbeing and for that of the wider community.

Professor Robin Dunbar
of the University of Oxford’s Experimental Psychology department

Connect with Friends. Eat Healthy.
Change Your Lives.

Shareable Feast helps you better yourself while building a community.


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